I know the feeling. You want a healthier start to your day but you just suck at finding the time to make something nutricious.

Healthy breakfast= a load of time in the kitchen.

Well I’m here to put an end to that!

If you’ve been wandering around Pinterest for some tasty inspiration then you’ve probably already heard of overnight oats…and some of the recipes are absolutely drool-worthy.

That’s why I came up with the idea to pick some of the best out to share with you!

So grab a spoon, and let’s dig in!

1) Banana Bread

I thought I’d put this one on the table before anything else as it’s just insanely yummy AND you get your cake fix.

What stands out about this Banana Bread Oat recipe by Lemonsandzest is the added nuts to give you a crunch, which can be something I often find is missing in overnight oats.

2) Blueberry muffin

10 Overnight oats recipes for weightloss
Image not from the actual recipe/Photo by Terje Sollie

Sticking with the baked theme, I’ve opted for this one if you’re missing your muffin fix. Instead of buying some store bought calorific muffins, try this instead.

So if you want to stay slim, while eating your favourite sweet food, try this Blueberry Muffin Oat recipe by FitfoodieFinds.

Apparently it’s in the lemon zest.

3) Brownie batter

Woah, it looks like I’m on a roll. Can you tell I believe in a little bit of self indulgence?

Even better if you can indulge at breakfast time!

And what better way than with this oh-so-simple Brownie Batter overnight oats recipe from ChocolatecoveredKatie.

4) Peach pie

If you want all that fruity flavour and less but also a filling breakfast, this recipe is the way to go.

Again another recipe that includes chia seeds – and it’s really no wonder.

This superfood, though seemingly tiny, is powerpacked with nutrients that your body needs. Just a 28g portion of them is enough to give you 30% of your recommended daily intake of magnesium, for example. (1)

Definetly worth giving this Peach Pie recipe a go then. Thanks, Crystal from Apumpkinandaprincess.

10 Overnight oats recipes for weightloss
Recipe by A Pumpkin And A Princess

4) Apple and Cinnamon

Being such a traditional combination, how could one not include this in our recipe faves?

Annndddd….cinnamon is more than just a treat for your tastebuds. One of the greatest strongpoints about cinnamon is its anti-inflamatory properties, as well as increasing your metabolism.

Throw in the fact that it also helps regulate insulin resistance, and I think cinnamon might just be my new favourite spice.

Laura from Momables has made it easy for you with this recipe for Apple Cinnamon Oats.

5) Vanilla Coffee

Mmmm….just the name of that recipe has me wanting morning to come early.

This time, Lorie from Lemonsandzest has taken it one step further and going where some would just not risk:

Vanilla Cold Brew Overnight oats, ladies and gents. That’s right – why drink your coffee separately when you can eat it for breakfast?

6) Basic overnight oats

If all these flavours are driving you crazy, wondering where to start for just a simple recipe, I’ve sourced out this one just for you.

Natalie, registered dietician and mom from Superhealthykids has this perfect Basic Oat recipe you can add what you like to.

7) Strawberry shortcake

Who knew there would be an overnight oat recipe THIS GOOD?

Aleyda from Thedishonhealthy, really has thought of it all! You can make it with or without dairy, the choice is yours. Personally I like the sound of Vanilla almond milk…

Try the Stawberry Shortcake oats recipe today! (Or tomorrow, for breakfast…)

10 Overnight oats recipes for weightloss
Image not from actual recipe/Photo by Keegan Evans

8) Blueberry Banana

Ahhhhh….blueberry may or may not just be my favourite fruit in life! Put it together with the awesomeness of banana and life just doesn’t get any better.

It’s enough to remind me of summer, even when it’s not.

10 Overnight oats recipes for weightloss
Find the recipe here

10) Cinnamon bun

I get it – you really need to give your sweet tooth a good fix for the day.

And that’s why I’ve thought of you too! If you’re tempted to reach for the pastries, knock this one up the night before and you won’t even notice the difference, I promise.

Jacqueline from Pipercooks does a superb job at making a healthy version to a traditional dessert with this Cinnamon Bun recipe.

11) Lemon oats

Do you need a bit of zest in your life? Or rather, who doesn’t, right? Luckily Mary from Vnutrition has you covered with her version of Lemon Oats recipe.

Sometimes too much sweet food (whether healthy or not) can leave you craving something…well, lemony.

So there you go, lemon oats. Now I think we’ve seen it all…

That’s all folks, here’s to a healthier start to the morning!

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