Summer is here and all we need is a huge glass of out favourite smoothie to cool down. The best thing about smoothies is that you can enjoy them all year round too.

WIthout further ado, I give you these 21 Super Healthy smoothies I’ve hand selected for you.

1) The Breakfast Smoothie

What can I say? If you’ve never tried a smoothie for breakfast folks, you’re missing out! What better way to start the day than a super-energizing juice of goodness!

Sure, there are flavours for everyone but my personal go-to is a nice wake-me-up Banana Breakfast Smoothie. I would swap the almond milk for rice milk, but that’s just personal preference.

Similarly, if you have a sweet tooth, you could always add a dollop of icecream to it! The choice is yours…

2) Blueberry muffin smoothie

If you’re trying to go healthy but find yourself missing your favourite treats, I’ve got news for you. You can have your muffin and drink it!

Bad pun, I know. But this Blueberry muffin smoothie will hit the spot like no other!

3) Orange sunshine smoothie

If you need to add a little colour to your diet, what better to do that than with a bright Orange Sunshine smoothie?

Not only is it full of colour, it’s also full of vitamin C to give your immune system in the boost. Better save this one in your winter recipe collection.

21 Super Healthy Smoothies
Enough to inspire a dreamy holiday…/Photo by Artem Bali

4) Low GI smoothie

What does that even mean I hear you ask?

GI stands for glycemic index, all that means is the amount of sugar content there is in a particular food. If you’re looking to cut down on your sugar intake, this Low GI Smoothie is for you.

5) Dairy-free smoothie

Whether you’re lactose intolerant or just enjoy a plentiful plant-based lifestyle, I’ve got you covered with this Dairy Free smoothie.

There are numerous reasons you might want to cut out your dairy intake –

Plus, what it may be lacking in dairy, it certainly doesn’t in magnesium and potassium. Did I mention it’s also insanely chocolaty??!

6) Avocado smoothie

Ever wondered what avocado tastes like in smoothie form? Now’s your time to find out with this Creamy Avocado smoothie.

Avocado has tons of health benefits, namely is helps to lower cholesterol (1), adds to your vitamin K intake which aids your calcium absorption. (2)

What are you waiting for? Drink up!

Avocados disguise themselves pretty well in a smoothie/Photo by Anne

7) Protein packed smoothie

If hitting the gym is your thing, you definetly want to fill up your tank with post-workout goodness.

What if you could make it frutilicious at the same time? I’d say you’re onto a winner with this Mango protein smoothie.

Let’s just say, the raving reviews speak for themselves in this case.

8) Detox smoothie

Do you need a serious detox? I’ve got you in mind too.

This Ginger Peach Detox smoothie is a real treat. Do your insides some good AND get in your sweet treat.

Naturally high in electrolytes from the secret cucumber they’ve slipped in and good for your gut. Yum!

9) The Green smoothie

Known as being anti-inflamatory and cleansing in themselves, green smoothies are a hit and you’ve got to try one.

That’s why today I bring you The Best Green smoothie. Who knew that spinach could taste so good in a smoothie?

21 Super Healthy Smoothies
Not from actual recipe/Photo by Alisha Mishra

10) Vanilla Latte smoothie

You’re feeling stuck. You want to go smoothie-healthy but at the same time don’t want to miss out on your caffeine dose.

Fret no more: introducing the Vanilla Latte smoothie. So good, you’ll feel like you’re at a coffee shop. Can I get a cookie to go with, waiter?

11) Very Berry smoothie

For those of you that just like the colour purple, voila the Very Berry Smoothie.

Yes, it has beet in it. No, suprisingly that doesn’t mean that it tastes rancid. You may be pleasantly surprised when you give it a go – beet does have a ton of health benefits after all.

Full of vitamin C, aids digestion and helps support brain health, to name but a few.

12) Chocolate smoothie

I really couldn’t leave the chocolate lovers out, and here it is: The Chocolate smoothie.

You won’t believe how healthy it is when you taste it. Ditch the Ben and Jerry’s and dive in.

21 Super Healthy Smoothies
Not from actual recipe/Photo by Delphine Hourlay

13) Peanut Butter smoothie

Can’t live without your peanut butter fix? I totally get that.

That’s why I’ve included this Peanut Butter smoothie in the mix. No need for bread and jelly to go with – this shake has got it all.

14) Tropical Tumeric smoothie

Tumeric is a go-to for hollywood stars for a reason. It’s reknown for it’s anti-inflamatory benefits, but studies have found that it can actually fight off depression too, amongst other properties. (2)

Mix this golden ingredient with some tropical fruit, and you’re in for a treat. Get the recipe here for Tropical Tumeric smoothie.

15) Oh So Cherry smoothie

If you’re missing the cherry on top of your cake, or if you’re avoiding cake altogether, I’ve got something that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Presenting: The Cherry smoothie.

Pro tip: freeze the cherries ahead of time for a refreshing drink on a hot day.

21 Super Healthy Smoothies
You can use fresh berries if they’re in season or buy freezer packs/Photo by Sponchia

16) Night time smoothie

We’ve all heard of breakfast smoothies, but did you know that a smoothie can help you wind down and get a decent night’s sleep too?

I’ve searched around for my favourite recipe and as a result comes the Chocolate Cherry Bedtime smoothie.

Written by a sleep-deprived mama, I fully trust her on this one. And I’m buying some cherries this week to have a go myself.

17) Lavender and Blueberry smoothie

Ooh-la-la. Did elegant smoothies even exist before this?

Are we allowed to have one with afternoon tea, m’aam?

This Lavender and Blueberry smoothie is a great one to help you sleep too, and it promotes wellbeing. All together now: ahhhhhh.

18) Pumpkin Spice smoothie

How does that even exist, I hear you ask?

It’s that good, you don’t even have to save it til fall. Not only that, it’s naturally low in fat, high in beta-carotene, AND promotes healthy skin.

What’s not to love about this Pumpkin Spice smoothie?

19) Stawberry banana smoothie

If you’re looking for a classic after scrolling through these recipes, here is the most traditional, easy smoothie you can make.

Just the right amount of thickness too in this Strawberry Banana smoothie.

21 Super Healthy Smoothies
Not from actual recipe/Photo by Roman Carey

20) Easy Blueberry smoothie

Hey, who doesn’t want to try drinking something blue? Especially when it’s so good for you.

This Easy Blueberry smoothie is actually packed with greens but I bet you’ll hardly notice!

It’s berrylicious…

21) Mint Choc Chip smoothie

To end this post with a classic, I’ve hunted down an all-time favourite of ice cream lovers.

And cause when you’re trying to go healthy, but you’re craving your favourite treats, life can get tough.

Now you don’t have to with this Chocolate Chip Mint Smoothie. You can thank me later.

That’s all folks!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these smoothies, don’t forget to pin it for later!