Perhaps it’s that time of year, or you’re looking for a new start. Looking at your wardrobe just prodcues this tired and sluggish feeling – sound familiar?

Whatever reason you choose to declutter your wardrobe, I’m here to help.

Call me the wardrobe fairy if you like.

Why you should declutter

Before I dive into my top tips, let me tell you why I chose to declutter myself and why I chose to share with you.

It was August and I was home – yes, instead of being at the beach, I was at home with the computer and the baby every day.

What does that have to do with decluterring your wardrobe? Well, when you start to be at home for a significant amount of time, you start to notice all the flaws.

You start to feel the need to purge. I knew it was time, when every time I wanted to get dressed in the morning I would have a crisis because I just didn’t like anything.

The light at the end of the tunnel…

When I began to assemble pieces of clothes into piles and close the donation bag, I felt such a relief – turns out material items really do weigh you down mentally.

Think about it, the more stuff you own, the more you have to think about. Makes sense, right?

So if you’re ready to feel a hella relief like me, read on. It’s about to go down.

1) The 24 hour

One of my favourite tried and tested methods when it comes to my wardrobe is wearing my old clothes to see how they feel.

I really believe that (at least in women) there is an emotional connection between what we wear and how we feel.

Think about it – when you go to a meeting, you don’t turn up in your baggiest jeans do you? You want to give off a good impression so you scrub up nicely in what you deem as socially accetable for the occasion.

Think about how it makes you feel, does it meet what the emotion that you’re looking for?

In short: anything that doesn’t make you feel good, has got to go.

2) Invite your friends over

This tip is not just for teenagers. Chances are you have a friend who, no matter what outfit you absolutely hate – they’ll be on it like wildfire.

This was certainly true for my friend and I when we lived together – we borrowed each other’s stuff so often it quickly became a free for all.

Needless to say, when one of the two wanted to declutter, it would most likely end up with the other.

Likewise, whenever I get rid of clothes, even now – the first thing I do is call my friends to come and sift through.

Not only that – it’s a great opportunity for a catch up! And you get expert advice on what and what not to wear. Yes, it may be time to throw out those old flares!

3) Sell

What better way to make an extra buck than from things you don’t even use anymore?

Am I right? Luckily, car boot sales are definetly not a thing of the past. Junk yard sales, or whatever you call them – flea markets, if you will.

It’s a case of calling up your local council and asking when there will be the next one in you area. Most of the time you can even find the information online.

Note: the best time to go to these is the warmer period of the year, notably March-October.

4) Donate

I think this is a pretty easy one no matter where you live. There are always associations willing to take second hand clothes to sell on for charity, or to go to people in need.

Have a hunt around for second hand thrift shops or homeless centres. Ask if they accept donations, and away you go.

You really realise how much clothing you have when you put yourself in the shoes of those with very little.

Don’t know where to donate? Here is a post with some ideas inside.

5) Throw

Okay, so if you’ve followed all of the above, yet you’re still left with some really old, dodgy-looking clothing, it’s time to throw.

Anything that either has coffee stains on it from years ago that you can’t wash out or you just know that you’re not gonna make time to stitch back up where that annoying hole is – gone.

Every little worry you have about having to fix something that doesn’t look quite right, builds up in your mind over time.

Remember what I said, more stuff, more to think about! If it’s not in a state to donate, take it to the trash.

Hell, I might even have a FINAL option for you.

6) Re-use fabric

Look, if you’re still reading and you can’t bear to get rid of an old t-shirt that’s been in the family for years, you can always re-work it.

Say that again? Yep, there are tons of tutorials on how to make stuff from old pieces of clothing. To make my point, here’s a post from Yesmissy on how to transform old t-shirts!

Below is a cool Youtube tutorial on how to convert an old tee into a headband. Yeah!

Some final tips:

  • Letting go of old clothes is letting go of the past
  • Whatever doesn’t serve you, may serve another
  • Earn some extra money selling what you don’t wear anymore
  • You can always re-style something if you really CAN’T let go
  • Throw away anything that is too crappy to donate

I hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest for more ideas!